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About Us

AGRIFY is a private Australian based Advisory firm founded in 2010.


Whilst advisory and consultancy services are not new nor uncommon, AGRIFY was formed to specifically focus upon agricultural investors and industry participants.  Since its foundation it has built an enviable record and client base, being involved in some of the largest transactions in the agricultural space over the course of the last decade.


Today the clients of AGRIFY include a number of significant Australian farming families, corporates and instititutional investors from as far afield as Europe, Asia and North America.  Their interests span beef, stud and dairy cattle, sheep and wool, broadacre cropping, horticulture, viticulture, fishing, aquaculture, thoroughbred racehorses, fertilisers and associated professional services, the likes of Banks, accounting, legal, real estate and livestock service providers.


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Our Team

Our Capability

Agrify and its partners have a broad experience base
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Whilst confidentiality is always of the utmost importance, there have been some roles whereby principals have chosen to publicise activities for strategic reasons and others that have simply demanded media attention.
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Our Approach

To this point Agrify is unlike many other organisations
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The clients of Agrify are as geographically diverse as they are in their activities, professions and interests. Agrify has clients across the length and breadth of Australia, together with Asia, Europe and North America.
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Our Clients

Agrify has one basic principal - to exceed expectations.
clients-fpA glimpse of Our Clients

Our intention is to understand the key foundations of our clients thinking, their operations, their strategy, and ultimately their objectives.  All whilst being singularly focused on exceeding our clients expectations.
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  • Dale Champion, Principal
  • +61 4 0444 6069


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